Patient-centered, custom rehabilitation medicine

Is Elevate Animal Rehab a good fit for you and your dog or cat?

  • If you desire personalized care that considers your pet’s personality and lifestyle, as well as your goals, budget, and concerns…
  • If you want your pet to enjoy and look forward to vet visits, where they get to play and heal…
  • If you desire compassionate, timely and clear communication…
  • If you want to optimize mobility, quality of life, sporting performance, and comfort…

Then YES, you will enjoy partnering with Elevate Animal Rehab!

Meet Wendy

Dr. Herlihy specializes in rehabilitation medicine. She has been practicing since 2013 and started Elevate Animal Rehab in 2019. After much time in the fast-paced rehabiliation world, Wendy decided to slow things down and open Elevate Animal Rehab, a place where both owners and patients are treated like family and the time is taken to compassionately care for all the needs of the patient/owner pair.

Wendy’s passions include rock climbing, sled dog racing, mountian adventures, and her family. She lives outside of Golden with her husband, daughter, yellow labrador and tabby cat.

Meet Deena

Deena has been a veterinary technician since 2013. She began in traditional medicine and has since crossed over to rehabilitation medicine, as she loves the personlaized care rehab provides.

Deena’s passions include mountain biking, Crossfit, hiking and her family. She lives in Arvada with her husband, son and daughter, brindle pitty mix, and cat.

About Elevate

We are excited to welcome you and your pet to a different kind of practice. You will find that Elevate offers “boutique” style rehabilitation medicine.

Our hope is that you will feel the difference in a practice that takes the time to hear your concerns, bonds with your pet, and communicates with you and your pet compassionately.

We take pride in building custom treatment plans that incorporate your goals, budget, and your pet’s personality and lifestyle. We are patient centered, meaning that we work together with you to design your pet’s treatment plan.


Elevate Animal Rehab is a comprehensive rehabilitation center. We commonly combine several modalities in a single visit. We will determine what your pets needs at each visit, so visits may vary slightly. We do not follow any protocols or preset treatment plans. If your pet needs something we do not offer, we have partnering clinics that can fill that gap for us.


Pain Management

Pain managment is crucial to quality of life and healing. Pain management techniques include pharaceuticals and all of the physical medicine modalities listed. For those looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals, all of our other therapies can often  minimize the need for medication, and somtimes take the place of medication.


Acupuncture can be used for pain management, orthopedic disease, post-operative healing, and for any type of neurologic dysfunction. It can also be used as an adjunctive therapy for metabolic disease. Treatments are not painful. Acupuncture is a very powerful tool that most patients enjoy receiving, even cats!

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the use of the practitioners hands to mobilize joints and soft tissues for pain relief and improved function. This type of therapy can be done very gently and can help ease nervous patients into receiving rehabilitation therapy. Manual therapy can be used in conjunction with acupuncture or on its own, for the treatment of joint, soft tissue, and neurologic dysfunction.

Electrical Therapies and Laser

Electrical therapies (TENS and NMES) are used to decrease pain and to help strengthen weak muscles. Owners can be taught to use this modality at home, for ongoing therapy between doctor visits.

Laser therapy decreases pain and speeds healing. We have a program which allows owners to rent or purchase a medical grade laser for at home use. 

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are used to improve balance, core strength, limb strength, endurance, sporting function and to minimize risk of future injury. Therapeutic exercises are chosen based on your goals as well as your pet’s comfort and level of fitness. Patients will go though exercises during their visit and you will be taught how to perform exercises on your own between visits. You will recieve ongoing coaching on your home exercise plan. Home exercise plans are designed at all levels, from sporting dogs to geriatric dogs.


Shockwave therapy provides state of the art healing using high powered ultrasound. It restarts the body’s own healing mechanisms and is commonly used to treat arthritis, CCL disease, muscle and tendon strains, lumbo-sacral disease, shoulder injuries, elbow and hip dysplasia, neck pain, fractures and wounds.Shockwave therapy is a very powerful tool for slowing down the progression of arthtis.Shockwave treatments are not painful and do not require sedation.

See below for more details.

Shockwave Therapy

State-of-the-art healing with ultrasound

Shockwaves are high energy sound waves that stimulate cells to release new biochemical signals. 

What Happens? Stem cells are recruited, growth factors are released, new blood vessels are built, tendon fibers are realigned, wound healing is enhanced, bone formation is increased, and pain releif occurs. 

Shockwave preserves cartilage and joint health. It is a powerful tool for slowing the progression of arthritis.

Shockwaves stimulate the body to “get back to work” with its own healing. Since shockwaves are stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms, healing can take time. Results are noted between 4-12 weeks. 

Shockwave treatments do not require any sedation and are not painful. Most patients love coming in and enjoy snacks while recieving their treatment. 

We typicelly recommend 3-5 session, 1-2 weeks apart. In some cases, such as arthritis, we will keep the body in active healing by repeating a shockwave series every 6-12 months.